Automist® Fixed Wall Head

Open plan three storey best value residential sprinkler alternative.

Automist's® Fixed Wall Head is an innovative, fire protection solution designed to allow open plan layouts to comply with regulations. For architects and developers, the Fixed Wall Head allows the modern, open-plan layouts that clients increasingly expect to comply with Building Regulations. For landlords, it can create a safe escape route in an existing open plan house with no impact on rentable space.

Traditionally, building and housing regulations have encouraged the creation of fire resistant compartments in homes so as to limit the spread of fire – an approach consumers find increasingly frustrating as they seek open, light spaces to live in.

Fixed Wall

Today, however, the LACoRS guide, Approved Document B and the Scottish Building Regulations all recognise the need for flexibility of layout and all allow open-plan designs as long as some additional features, including fire suppression, are provided.

The Fixed Wall Head is also an LABC Registered Solution (EW171) for loft conversions.


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What our clients think

We have been working with Blue Light Safety for over 4 years and can highly recommend them. A competent and efficient company using quality materials and workmanship. Their service is seamless from quotation to installation and reasonably priced. They are pleasant and reliable and we hope to continue working with them for the foreseeable future.
Keith Browne - Owner/Director at NK Lofts