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Cato Creative's perfect solution

Project manager: Cato Creative

Property type: Open Plan Living

Property location: London

Open Plan rooms: Various

Size of open plan space: Various

The brief

Bluelight Safety has helped to revolutionise the way a London-based architectural design firm designs open plan spaces.

Cato Creative specialises in working closely with clients to produce beautifully designed, well thought-out and brilliantly finished homes that are personal to the people living in them.

The limitations

The team are experts in creating open plan designs, but fire safety rules and building regulations can make it difficult to get approval from building control. This is where Bluelight, providers of the Automist fire protection system nationwide, comes in.
Interior designer at Cato Creative, Mark Barratt, was introduced to Automist by a building inspector, so he carried out some online research about the system and located Bluelight as an accredited installer of the product.

The solution

To date, Cato Creative has installed the Automist product in six homes and has never had any issues with the installation process or product malfunctions, showing that it is a much more foolproof and effective solution.
He said: “Since our relationship with Bluelight began, the process of designing open plan spaces has become far easier.
“The Automist fire suppression system they install provides a really clever solution, and Bluelight has such an extensive knowledge of fire safety due to the fact they have a substantial background in the fire safety industry, with a lot of the team being ex-firemen.
“Automist changes the game completely. It’s an incredible step forward and has transformed the way we work. In comparison, the Automist solution is also much more affordable, and visually it is inoffensive, small, discreet and more flexible, allowing us to maximise the visual aesthetics of the space.”
Bluelight has made the Automist system easy to understand so Cato can easily explain to clients how it works, and see how much more beneficial it is than the traditional option in terms of cost, space saving and the open plan possibilities it makes possible.
Mark added “Whenever Cato design a space, it’s an interactive process with Bluelight – we send them our plans and instead of them saying it won’t work, they contribute smart solutions to make our ideas possible.
“They are able to offer so much more than just a product as a solution. Along with that comes vast knowledge, passion, professionalism and expertise.
“With Bluelight in our arsenal we can always be confident that our designs surpass fire safety standards without compromising our vision.”
Bluelight delivers a free CPD seminar exploring the functions and benefits of the Automist technology to architects and interior designers across the UK. To find out more contact info@bluelightsafety.co.uk

Potential benefits of using

In April 2016, Automist was awarded the highly acclaimed ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best’. Of the product, the Red Dot Jury said: "An innovative design concept that elevates the principle of fire sprinklers to a new level. The system is defined as an integrated part of the interior and equipped with highly advanced functionality. The topic of fire safety is thus expanded by a pathbreaking novel interpretation. This fire sprinkler system emerged as a design element within a living space, unifying safety with elegance

Red Dot Jury