Our Projects

International installation for stylish villas

Project manager: BV Management

Property type: Three storey villa/townhouse

Property location: Buena Vista, Gibraltar

Open Plan rooms: Ground floor

Size of open plan space: 64 square foot

The brief

BV Management converted two stylish villas merging modern materials and technology with unique heritage structure. They needed to keep the beauty of the whole design whilst making the environment fire safe. 

The limitations

Prior to alterations to the ground floor utility rooms which were separated from the external service cupboard, these areas were classed as non-habitable. The modifications changed this and meant the villas were now essentially three-storey properties and as such they then became subject to different fire regulations and therefore needed a fire safety solution. 

The solution

The Automist wall-mounted spray head system was installed by Blue Light Safety on the ground floor without any impact on the surrounding space ensuring the building now met fire safety regulations. Automist helps meet the requirements with building regulations compliant water mist fire suppression system and as an LABC registered detail solution for three storey properties that don’t have a protected means of escape, either because of the lack of passive fire safety or the removal of walls, Automist was the perfect solution. Paul Jarvis, Project Manager said: “The two villas were done within four hours, we were really pleased with how swiftly the job was completed. We were happy with the product and how everything went so smoothly with the installation.” 

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