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Sheffield Student Accommodation Brought Up To Date

Project manager: Guy Ludlum

Property type: 4 storey block of flats

Property location: Victoria Road, Sheffield

Open Plan rooms: Kitchen/diner in all flats, with bedrooms accessed directly off the open plan areas

Size of open plan space: 30ft x 20ft

The brief

In the leafy student area of Broomhill, premier letting agents Gnome Student Homes have a large property that has been split into HMO flats and are let out to students. Despite the age of the building, the interior is fresh and modern, and to suit this an open plan kitchen/diner/common area is used throughout. 

The limitations

In order to be in keeping with regulations, and due to a change in HMO legislation, Gnome Student Homes needed a quick solution, which would also be in keeping with the sleek and modern look of the trendy student flats. This had to be fitted quickly and to adhere to Sheffield City Council's standards.

The solution

Guy has been working with Blue Light Safety since it's inception in 2012, and so knew that Automist would be the perfect solution for his properties, especially as it is retrofittable. 

The Automist Smartscan Hydra was installed as a compensatory measure (meaning the water mist fire suppression system is automatic) in lieu of passive fire safety, which means there is no protected lobby/corridor. 

The Smartscan Hydra can detect fire using the multi-criteria alarm which measures smoke and heat. When it notices a spike in the heat it automatically scans the room to find the exact location of the fire and target it directly. A benefit of this over traditional sprinkler systems is that it uses a small pump unit fed directly from the mains water pressure. It does not require a tank of water, and it only outputs 5.6 litres per minute – this is 10 times less water then a traditional sprinkler system, therefore meaning this system is more cost effective and causes less water damange. 

The main advantage of this product is its wall-mounted style and the direct target of the mist, which means it starves a fire more efficiently making it far more effective. This product is perfect for a residential letting, such as these Victoria Road flats, and it is compact which allows it to fit in with the contemporary style of these student flats. 

Guy said, “I had worked with Blue Light Safety before and was happy with their work, so knew I could trust them to do this job. They were easy to work with, helpful, and tidy. I am happy with the finished product and how it looks. I would recommend Blue Light Safety to others.”

Potential benefits of using

What our clients think

I have been delighted with the first class service we have received from Blue Light Safety. I know that I am being advised by people with decades of fire safety experience, and it gives me peace of mind that the properties we let out meet fire safety regulations.

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Guy Ludlam - Gnomes Student Homes