First aid training

First Aid Training

Conducted by fully qualified trainers.

Did you know that it is a legal requirement (Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981) that an employer has to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, trained personnel and the correct facilities so that in the event of someone becoming injured in the work place, immediate first aid is at hand.

This applies to all work places and it doesn’t matter how many employees you have! Blue Light Safety have staff that are highly qualified and vastly experienced in delivering First Aid training.

All our courses are third party accredited and registered so that you can be confident that you will have received top quality, professional training.

Course duration - 3 days (0900 - 1630)

Most companies understand that under HSE guidelines an accredited first aider is imperative to the work place; this three day course is for anybody who wants to be the appointed person in their place of work and gain the official qualifications to carry out first aid.

NUCO registered certificate on successful completion.

Course duration — 2 days (0900 - 1630)

This course is for anyone who has taken the 3 day first aid at work course in the past three years and achieved their qualification but wishes to repeat the course and be re-certified, a useful way of being up to date with the current laws and changes in first aid.

NUCO registered certificate on successful completion.

Course duration — 1 day (0900 - 1630)

This one day course is very efficient and quick when it comes to training nominated people in smaller and low risk work places. The HSE recommend that this is the minimum standard for first aid at work.

NUCO registered certificate on successful completion.

Course duration — 3 hours

Suitable for anybody in the workplace and especially useful for non-clinical staff working in healthcare organisations. You will receive training on the latest basic life support; teaching you how to respond to adult choking, the correct safe airway position and everything else to do with basic life support; which is crucial in life threatening situations.

Certificate on completion.

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