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The smart alternative to traditional fire sprinklers

Automist® Smartscan water mist fire protection

Automist® is designed to detect fire earlier and activate faster than conventional fire sprinkler systems. Plumis’ Automist® system is a wall-mounted water sprinkler that targets and extinguishes fires using smart technology. Its Smartscan design uses a targeted water mist system to quickly and efficiently control fires.

2 minutes

Quicker to detect a fire than a sprinkler.


Less water used than a traditional sprinkler.

2 hour

Installation time & connects to the mains.

A space-saver

Pump can be installed in kitchen unit.

Open plan layouts enabled by Automist®

Automist® provides enhanced fire protection to meet building regulations in homes with open plan interiors.

Airy, free-flowing open plan layouts are highly prized, adding thousands to the value of a home . However, some open plan designs may require compensatory fire protection measures to gain building control approval. Automist is an automatic fire suppression system that is being used by a growing number of homeowners and architects to meet building regulations, whilst enabling open plan layouts.

open plan kitchen with automist water mist system

Open plan kitchen diner

Introducing an open plan kitchen diner to this modern home required additional fire safety measures. Automist was selected to ensure the property was fully protected.

Bedroom with mezzanine fitted with automist water mist system

Stylish loft conversion

This London flat was given a new lease of life with a complete loft renovation creating extra space. Automist enhanced safety whilst complementing the modern design

steam bent house tom raffield architecture residential

A grand design

As featured on Grand Designs, this spectacular wavy wooden house is constructed with woodland timber. Automist was utilised to ensure the property met building regulations.

3 Storey Residential with Automist installed, London

Stylish loft conversion

Automist was the ideal solution for this 3 storey townhouse, providing a seamless and almost invisible fire suppression system, with no need for a water tank.

What does Automist® look like?

Automist pump unit fits under kitchen sink
automist controller
automist spray head
automist smartscan hydra image

Easy to install alternative to a fire sprinkler system

Automist® is the smart alternative to traditional fire sprinklers and perfect for modern living. It’s intelligent and automatic watermist fire suppression technology enables open plan layouts and loft conversions, as well as large sheltered housing schemes where it can protect residents who are greater risk from fire. The Automist® Hydra Smartscan fire sprinkler system is a smarter, modern fire sprinkler system. Instead of a traditional ceiling-mounted sprinkler head, this device uses a stainless steel panel that blends in with the interior of any living space.

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