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Technical Information

Plumis Automist® Smartscan modern & efficient water mist fire protection

Automist® Certification, Installation and Performance Guides

Please find below information regarding the pre-installation, use and compliance of the Automist® product installed by Blue Light Safety.
Automist Smartscan conforms to BS 8458:2015, Residential & domestic water mist systems
Automist® BSi Verification Certificate 2023-2026
Report of a test on a watermist system
HM Government Sleeping Accommodation v2-1.pdf
A guide to making your small paying guest accommodation safe from fire
Measuring the Capability of a Watermist System to Control a Fire – Report
Plumis EU Declaration of Conformity
Plumis – Limiting the Production of Smoke
Plumis Automist® Social Housing Brochure
Plumis Automist® Smartsan Hydra Versus Traditional Sprinkler Systems
Plumis guide to getting rapid building control sign-off with Automist®

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