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What is Automist smartscan hydra?

Want to understand further about how the Automist system works?

Automist is an electronically controlled targeted watermist fire suppression system. It is often used as a modern alternative to fire sprinklers in domestic and residential properties. Fire sprinklers have remained fundamentally unchanged since they were invented in the 19th Century. Plumis developed Automist Smartscan because they believed they could be better: detect fire earlier, activate faster and deliver better outcomes for people and property.

What is a watermist system?

Watermist is a water spray for which the cumulative volumetric distribution of water droplets is less than 1000 μm (1mm) within the nozzle operating pressure range.

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The definition of a watermist system is: An automatic fire suppression distribution system connected to a water supply, that discharges atomised media where required, that is fitted with one or more nozzles capable of delivering watermist intended to control, suppress or extinguish fire.

The adoption of watermist technology for fire suppression has witnessed a surge in popularity over the past three decades due to its remarkable ability to safeguard both building inhabitants and valuable assets. This innovative technology achieves this by optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of droplet deployment. The methodologies employed in watermist systems are diverse, with nuances influenced by the manufacturer and specific application. Key considerations encompass various aspects, including nozzle design, appearance, spacing, activation method, location, and orientation.

Fire Suppression Advantages of Watermist Technology:

  1. Rapid and Targeted Response: Watermist technology enables a swift and precise response to fire incidents, minimizing the spread of flames and reducing potential damage. The fine mist created by the system efficiently covers the affected area, suppressing the fire with speed and accuracy.
  2. Enhanced Cooling Effect: One of the notable benefits of watermist in fire suppression is its capacity to provide an enhanced cooling effect. The fine droplets rapidly absorb heat, cooling the surrounding environment and preventing the re-ignition of flames. This additional cooling element contributes to more effective firefighting outcomes.
  3. Minimal Water Usage and Residue: Watermist systems are designed to use minimal water compared to traditional sprinkler systems. This not only conserves water resources but also reduces the potential for water damage to property. Additionally, the fine mist evaporates more readily, leaving minimal residue, which simplifies cleanup and minimizes post-fire restoration efforts.

Ask Blue Light Safety: Take a proactive approach to safeguarding your building and assets by installing Plumis Automist. Secure your surroundings with this advanced fire suppression solution.

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