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Why Automist system uses less water than a sprinkler?

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Traditional fire sprinklers can produce 60 litres of water per minute, which is enough to fill a bathtub in 2 minutes. Fires are not the only thing that can trigger sprinkler heads, but accidental activation can also occur, especially in areas with high traffic flow or boisterous behavior. Various items can often be hung from the sprinkler heads which can result in the head's vial being broken. People moving furniture can often hit the spray head and accidentally activate it. Insurance companies are concerned that with introducing a more pressurised water system into dwellings will cause an increase in the number and value of claims.

Automist smartscan is designed to minimise the risk of water leaks and consequential water damage of activation. It reliably activates only when it is triggered by a double knock alarm. Both the detector and the smartscan head must confirm the presence of a dangerous fire. It then targets the location with a dense watermist fog, releasing 6 litres of water per minute. Automist is a dry pipe non-pressurised system which will provide the coverage needed without the risk of burst pipes. Unlike a wet pipe system, dry sprinklers are free of water until a fire is detected. The added benefit of this low flow requirement is that it can be connected to an existing water main, this avoids communal works, the need for tanks, or added costs for upgraded water supplies.

So what are the advantages?

Automist stands as a remarkably efficient fire suppression system, offering a host of advantages for homeowners. Notably, it distinguishes itself by not imposing a higher water demand than that of a typical household appliance. This means that for the vast majority of homes, there's no need for costly upgrades to the existing water infrastructure to accommodate Automist.

However, it's important to ensure that Automist system is connected to a dependable water supply with a minimum flow rate of 8 liters per minute (lpm) and a static pressure ranging from 1.5 bar (150kPa) to a maximum of 16 bar (1.6 MPa) at the point of connection. Notably, the system's pump itself only requires 6 lpm and 1 bar pressure, allowing for a safety margin in this requirement.

This sets Automist apart from other fire suppression systems on the market, which typically demand a flow rate of at least 12 liters of water per minute at the point of connection. This requirement can become even more demanding as the number of nozzles in an area increases, driven by the assumed maximum area of operation (AMAO).

In essence, Automist system offers a smart and water-efficient solution for fire safety in your home, combining effectiveness with practicality. It's a testament to innovation in home safety technology, and its compatibility with most homes' existing water supplies makes it a compelling choice for those looking to enhance their fire protection measures.

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