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Stay Safe This Holiday Season by Preventing Fires at Home

The top 4 causes of house fires during the Feastive period and how to Prevent Them

The Christmas holiday season brings fun decorations, gatherings, and yummy treats. It also increases fire risks if precautions aren’t taken. With extra lights, candles, Christmas trees, and unattended cooking, house fires rise significantly in December. Protect your family by understanding top fire triggers and smart prevention tips.

Christmas Trees Pose a Flammable Risk

A popular tradition can turn dangerous fast if Christmas trees dry out. Their brittle branches ignite rapidly into an inferno if heat or open flames are nearby. Protect by:

  • Maintaining ample tree water levels daily
  • Inspecting light wires for damage before decorating
  • Keeping trees away from other heat sources like fireplaces
  • Unplugging lights when away or sleeping

Outdoor Lights Demand Diligence

Many fires start from electrical cords and wires exposed to winter elements. Check products are outdoor-rated and use certified clips for hanging lights properly. Also:

  • Never link extension cords together
  • Connect just 3 light strands maximum
  • Replace frayed cords immediately

Lit Candles Love Supervision

Candle-caused fires intensify during the holidays but are avoidable. Place lit candles securely out of reach from kids, pets, trees, curtains or anything flammable. Extinguish before leaving home.

Kitchens Require Constant Vigilance

Unattended stovetops cause serious burns and house damage year-round. The distraction of holiday hubbub intensifies this. Always monitor cooking closely and turn off when finished.

This season, be fire smart. Follow basic safety steps to protect your loved ones and home from holiday heartache.

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