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The Automist fire protection system

Early activation is the proven intervention

Mainstream fire sprinklers have long been the stalwarts of fire safety, activated by the heat generated during a fire. Typically featuring a glass bulb filled with a glycerin-based liquid, these sprinklers spring into action when the heated air causes the liquid to expand, shattering the glass and initiating the sprinkler head.

While effective, the response time of traditional sprinklers is crucial, especially when faced with fast-growing fires like those ignited by an old sofa. Swift activation is paramount to preventing flashovers, a scenario feared by firefighters as it involves the simultaneous ignition of most combustible material in an enclosed space.

Enter Automist Smartscan: Revolutionising Early Fire Response

Automist Smartscan represents a paradigm shift in fire safety, operating electronically to surpass the limitations of traditional sprinkler systems. By triggering earlier, well before the glass bulb of a sprinkler burst, Automist Smartscan tackles fires in their infancy, minimising smoke production and preserving survivability. Notably, it operates 2.0 to 13.7 times quicker than concealed sprinklers in various scenarios.

Key Advantages of Automist Smartscan:

  • Early Activation: Activates significantly earlier than traditional sprinklers, reducing response time.
  • Early Warning System: Integrated smoke and heat combination alarms provide early notification, enhancing safety.
  • Reduced Toxic Gas Production: Minimizes the generation of life-threatening toxic gases, addressing a major threat in domestic fires.

Long-Term Implications of Fire Exposure

Considering the potential long-term effects of fire exposure, it is crucial to acknowledge the risks beyond the immediate incident. Toxic smoke inhalation can lead to severe and lasting consequences, including hypoxic episodes, permanent lung damage, and even cancer.

With innovative solutions like Automist Smartscan, it is imperative to prioritise research into these long-term effects. By staying vigilant and proactive, we can ensure that the factors contributing to fire-related fatalities do not go unnoticed or unaddressed.

In summary, the integration of advanced systems like Automist Smartscan not only enhances early response capabilities but also plays a pivotal role in mitigating the long-term health risks associated with domestic fires.

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